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Monday, May 24, 2010
Ok well I have had a few things to do the past couple of days and my brain hurts now lol! School is awesome but it's kicking my butt! I mean I have a B+ average so far which I am good with. Would love it to be an A but I am happy with a B+ lol. Yes yes, over achiever here lmao! But I'm learning a ton and I love it really. For those that don't know, I am going for my Bachelors degree in Advertising and Graphic Design.

I am apart of a couple store collabs for June. First collab is called Rocker Chick and it's a store collab for Enchanted Dreams Boutique. I am really really happy with the way my portion turned out! Plus I have seen the previews of the other participants and WOW! is all I can say. My portion is 30 elements and 10 papers.
Here is the preview:
Not all elements are shown obviously lol. But I found some GREAT CU papers for this and I really love them! I will post the preview pic of the entire collab when it's done. That way you can see all the awesome work that has been put into this particular collab.

Ok and next I have also put in my part to the Scraps With Attitude collab for June! There hasn't been a collab there for awhile so Missy wanted to do something special, I think she really did. The theme is Summer Breeze and again I have seen the previews...WOW! Not only is it gorgeous but it's HUGE! So many designers participated in this one! And again I will post a preview pic of the entire collab when I get one. There are 20 elements and 8 papers in this one. But don't worry, the collab is massive!
Here is my preview:

So trust me when I tell you these collabs will be worth it!

And in closing I will be having a freebie for you in the next couple of days. School does take precedence over designing unfortunately, but I haven't quit lol. Just have to get a few school things done and then I am a designing fool again! I have a couple ideas up my sleeve which you will see soon.

If you have read this far, Bless you and may Buddha give you $1 million each! lol


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