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Monday, June 4, 2012
Ok I haven't made a tag in months! And I'm on the CT for Scrappers Delight (If you've never heard of her, you HAVE to check out her work! OMG she makes the best kits and posers!). So when I saw her newest kit, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor! I couldn't wait, the mojo was just a flowin! So I wanted to show off the tag and her kit, because honestly, you can't NOT love it! So what do you think of the tag? I'd love to know! And how awesome is this kit!?!?!? I'm telling you, it's so freaking awesome, and I had a complete blast playing with it! I'll preview more tags when I make them! You can get this most amazing kit, which by the way is on sale for 50% off, which holy crap that's a bargain for over 105 elements, you can get it here: SCRAPPERS DELIGHTS It's worth every penny and then some!


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