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Friday, October 19, 2012

YAY I'm back, and have I mentioned how much I hate the new blogger dashboard? No? Oh well I hate it!!! There, now that I got that off my chest, I have a new item in stores and of course a new freebie for you all! I'm sorry it took longer than planned, but I've been utterly swamped with school work! We had ONE WEEK to make a branding campaign for the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, complete with logo, brand name, event poster, 16 page concert booklet, invitations and note cards!!! I mean one week, good grief! I didn't win, but then again I got kudos on my work from the graphic design department head! He said I did really great work and there should be more student's like me, so that gave me a huge smile all day long!

Ok enough of that, just wanted you to know why I haven't had anything for you all. Now onto the new goodie in stores!

Romantic memories of a lover's glance across a calming sea. Here is a kit filled with nautical romance. Beautiful pink's, blue's, and creams make this kit perfect for any ocean lover. This kit is filled with 60 elements and 12 gorgeous papers, all rendered at 72DPI for optimal screen quality and file size. Sea Woman is personal use only so please adhere to the terms of use. I hope you enjoy this kit!

You can find this new kit in all my stores, and for the month of October I have a 60% off sale going on!!! So this kit will cost you only $1.60!!

And of course now onto the freebie. This is a freebie mini kit of the main Sea Woman kit. It has 20 elements and 5 papers. I hope you enjoy it, and remember I love hearing your thanks and seeing what you do with the freebies! You can use them in your forum challenges, tutorials, clusters, freebies, anything you like. So long as what you make is given as a freebie, you may do what you like with them!



  1. Thank You very much...This is beautiful !!!

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing mini-kit !

  3. Thanks for sharing this pretty ocean themed kits! love the colors!!:)

  4. can you put links to the store, where can purchase the kits please


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